Helping your child discover music to last them a lifetime.

We're here for the kids who want to explore the vast world of music.

We're here for the creative kids who will leave their own special mark on the world. The kids who tinker to figure out how to play their favorite songs. The kids who just like to make a lot of noise and have fun doing it. 

At Seckman Music School, we take an explorative approach to teaching music as we know our students are on different stages on their paths and we celebrate who they are as they enter through our doors. 

We're here for the busy families working to make everything work.

We're here for the families who need to switch a day due to a doctors appointment. We offer our classes 5 days a week and will leave you a spot if you need to switch your day for a week. 

We're here for the families who want to spend more time with each other. All of our classes our inclusive meaning everything is done in class, and kids don't have extra "stuff" to work on at home. 


Little Jammers Classes

A rock band experience for ages 4-7 where kids get to explore Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing and songwriting while meeting new friends and making a lot of noise as their own band!  

PianoPLAY Classes

Hour-long piano classes for ages 7-18 for kids to work on their own music, learn the essentials of playing and reading music, and having fun with games and activities as a whole group! 

Homeschool Music Classes

General Music Classes for homeschool families in the Wichita Metropolitan area! These classes are like ones taught in public schools so kids get a music education to help them become great consumers of music later in life. 

Seckman Music School offers instruction in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drum Set, and Percussion. We proudly serve Wichita Kansas, Haysville Kansas, Goddard Kansas, Maize Kansas, Valley Center Kansas, Park City Kansas, Kechi Kansas, Bel Aire Kansas, Andover Kansas, Derby Kansas, and Mulvane Kansas.